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    I’m new here and this is my first thread/post.

    I have three cats; Bella, (female), Scooter(male) and Fluffy (male). The males are brothers whom I adopted when they were kittens. I need some help understanding y cats.

    Scooter got his name from running away from me almost all the time. He runs behind my couch or under the other couch.

    I’m having a difficult time understanding what they’re trying to tell me. For example: almost every time I walk into the kitchen Fluffy follows me, sticking his snoot in the fridge when I open it. He rubs against my legs sometimes. When I look down at him he gives this cute little ……. well its a cross between a cute gurgle and a meow. It’s sooo cute. He looks up at me like he wants to tell me something but I don’t know what he wants. I used to think he was hungry and wanted a snack but he does that even after he gets filled up with kitty treats (I think I spoil them too much). Is it that he wants me to pet him? I gladly oblige of course – he’s so cute!

    Then there’s Scooter. He seems to be afraid of me but I’ve never hurt him. I could never hurt a cat or any animal in fact. I rarely try to force him to be somewhere he doesn’t want to be. Yet when he’s sitting on top of the back of the couch or laying on the couch he gladly lets me pet him and then purrs. Sometimes he walks into the room meowing. When I got to pet him he shies away. When I finish showering he walks into the bathroom with a gurgling meow. When I go to pet him he shies away. Then he goes to one of his favorite spots, i.e. jumps onto the kitchen counter and then on top of the fridge and does the same thing. This time he lets me pet him and then he purrs. He even leans into the petting. He’s sooo cute too!

    As you can tell, I love my kitties to death. I want to make them as happy as I can. Can someone help me understand them better?

    I’ll post videos of what they’re doing when I can.

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