TheCatCafe’s Rules

Cat Cafes aren’t just regular cafes, they’re the homes of our kitties, and you are the guest. To keep both yourselves and our feline companions safe and happy, we do have some rules to take note of. All patrons are expected to follow these rules to be able to enter the cafe.

  1. All patrons must sanitise their hands before entering the cafe.
  2. When interacting with our kitties, please do not pick them up or carry them.
  3. Cats sleeping in the resting area are not to be disturbed.
  4. Do remember to turn off the flash when taking pictures of our cats.
  5. Do remember to keep your volume down; cats dislike loud noises.
  6. Do not leave your food unattended.

In the event that any of these rules are broken multiple times, we will unfortunately have to ask you to leave. We believe that animals are no different from us humans, and should be treated with utmost respect. They are living, breathing creatures, not toys. Please respect our kitties, as even our most gentle cats may lash out in defense, should they feel threatened.


  • 请不要把 猫抱起來。
  • 请不要打扰休息区里的猫 。
  • 拍照時, 请记得关闭闪光灯。
  • 请把食物先吃完再与猫咪互动。
  • 请不要打扰熟睡中的猫 。
  • 与猫咪之前,请记得先消毒双手。

고양이님 요구사항

  • 나를맘대르 들어올리거나안지 말아 음 좋겠다냥~ 내가 자슬대 깨우지 마세용~ 화가냥!! >.<
  • 사람음식은 내게 맞지 않는다냥. 내가 설사하기 바라지 않는다면 절대 주지밀기다먕!
  • 날 찍는건 어쩔구 없는 미묘인 나의 운명이다만 플래쉬는 낸눈을 멀게한 다냥!
  • 내 꼬리를 잡는건 네 머리채를 잡는것과 똑같다냥… ᅲᅲ