TheCatCafe’s Terms

By participating in any activities in The Cat Cafe, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and the Cafe Rules prescribed on its website,

Cat Cafes aren’t just regular cafes, they’re the homes of our kitties, and you are the guest. To keep both yourselves and our feline companions safe and happy, we do have some rules to take note of. All patrons are expected to follow these rules to be able to enter the cafe.

  1. All patrons must sanitise their hands before entering the cafe.
  2. When interacting with our kitties, please do not pick them up or carry them.
  3. Cats sleeping in the resting area are not to be disturbed.
  4. Do remember to turn off the flash when taking pictures of our cats.
  5. Do remember to keep your volume down; cats dislike loud noises.
  6. Do not leave your food unattended.
  7. Be nice to our crews, do not verbally or physically abuse them 🙂

Release, Waiver and Indemnity: When interacting with the Cats at The Cat Cafe, you agree and acknowledge there are inherent risks and hazards, potential or otherwise involved including risks of scratches, bites or otherwise which cause losses (including indirect or consequential losses), death, personal injury, disease, allergies, illness, discomfort, pain or suffering, property damage and/or any other damage of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused, to you, your child(ren), your other invitee(s), your property and/or the property of others whether caused by any intentional or negligent act, fault and/or omission by (i) the Cats, The Cat Cafe’s directors, shareholders, employees,  independent contractors, (collectively the “Cafe Indemnitees”) and (ii) any other customer or person at The Cat Cafe (collectively the “Losses”) while participating in any activities within The Cat Cafe. Except as specified in the Terms and except to the maximum extent permitted by law, The Cat Cafe has no liability to you. You agree not to hold The Cat Cafe responsible for all Losses incurred while participating in the activities within The Cat Cafe and you, your child(ren) and/or your other invitee voluntarily assume all the risks of such Losses. You have agreed not to seek any Claims or legal recourse and you acknowledge that The Cat Cafe reserves all rights to seek any Claims for all losses (including without limitation, any indirect or consequential losses), property damage and/or any other damage of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused, directly or indirectly, by any intentional or negligent act, fault and/or omission of you, your child(ren) and/or your other invitee(s).

In the event that any of these rules are broken multiple times, we reserved the right to ask you to leave. We believe that animals are no different from us humans, and should be treated with utmost respect. They are living, breathing creatures, not toys. Please respect our kitties, as even our most gentle cats may lash out in defense, should they feel threatened.