The Cat Overpopulation Problem

Espresso has found a permanent loving home

It is our greatest joy to announce that Espresso has found a permanent loving home.

Espresso is the first cat adopted out from The Cat Cafe. Espresso, well know for his large size and gentle nature has made his currently family fell deeply in love for him. Over at The Cat Cafe we believe that all cats deserve a chance for a permanent home and we are glad we can do our little part in re homing cats. Espresso was abandoned when a local breeder in Singapore pass away, together with Jimmy, Tuxedo and Missy. They were about to be put down as they were unlikely to be adopted as then they were no longer kittens. Thankfully, they were rescued by Kittycare Haven – a local cattery who gave them a second chance to life.

espresso 1Espresso chilling in his usual “Boss Posture” at the new home
espresso 3The new family

espresso 2

Espresso all dress up for a black tie event.

Kong Toys in the House

Play time with cats is an important moment every single cat. Play time not only bonds your cat with you, it also allows cats to destress as they release their pent up energy. Play time for cats is perhaps the only way an indoor cat can “hunt” regularly. Over here at The Cat Cafe, we are extremely picky over our cats’ toys as we have 15 cats that are setup to destroy every single toy we bought. Here’s our criteria for selecting a cat toy:

  1. It must be safe for cats – lets just say not all cat toys are made with safety in mind, there are many cat toys out there that could actually injure your cats
  2. It must be durable – with 15 cats, our not so durable toys last a day and most durable toys have last for months
  3. It must look awesomely cute – who doesnt like cute things ?
  4. It must be affordable – buying toys for 15 cats at 1 go can be a rather expensive affair.

We are glad to say that Kong toys has fitted the above criteria. Kong toys have been extremely well design for interactive play time with cats. Its toys is also one of the most durable toys compared. Take its Wubba Teaser for example, a similar teaser will probably snap in less than a week (in cafe uses with 15 cats and many customers), Wubba Teaser had lasted for over 3 months before finally giving in to the torture of our cats.


We have recently reloaded our Kong toys and Elly decide to check out the toys.

_DSC0254_DSC0247 (2)

The Wubba Teaser ($14) above is one of our favorite toys, it not only contain catnip, it also has a bell to attract a cat’s attention. The best part we loved about this toy – its elastic string is almost unbreakable when compared to other similar teasers.


This Kickeroo ($9) is less of an interactive toy, its main purposes is to allow cats to self-play. It is infused with catnip and is just large enough for a typical size cat to hug and kick into pleasure. Such toys allow cats to play with themselves even with their owners are not around.



This little toy – Cozie ($7)  above is cute enough even for humans to play. Again, it is infused with catnip that will send most of your cats crazy for quite a while.

Verdict for Kong Toys – we really love them for their safe design, cuteness, durability and affordability. If you ever need to try a Kong toy, head over to The Cat Cafe, test one and at the same time bring one home for your cats =3

What happens when 21 children meet 15 cats?

4th Oct 2014,The Cat Cafe decided to celebrate children’s day weekend by inviting children from Touch Young Arrows to a private party. This is the first time in our short history where the number of children exceeded the number of adults + cats.

Getting Started

The day started a little gloomy as it started raining early in the morning. Thankfully, the rain has ceased by the time the children reach The Cat Cafe at 10:30 in the morning – just right after our cats had their morning breakfast. We kick started the day by having a “mass classroom session” where we taught children simple lessons on how to interact with cats and what should be avoided. Fruitcake our oldest and probably most patient cat demonstrated the art of stroking  a cat.

Fruitcake teaching the children how to pet her :3

Fruitcake teaching the children how to pet her :3

One on One Sessions

After the briefing, the children were free to roam. Under the careful supervision of our cafe crews, children were taught how to interact with cats in a safe and fun manner. A few children who were initially afraid of cats overcame their fear of cats with some one on one coaching session by our crews.

Boy meets Patches

Boy meets Patches

Meet the Boss

Espresso, the Boss Cat in the cafe does his usual pose and allowed children to have an up-closed encounter with him.

Espresso does his usual poses and show kids his belly

Espresso does his usual poses and show children his belly


And no party is complete without food. Our well trained cafe crews ramp up the kitchen to prepare over 30 portions Chicken Wraps to satisfy the hungry stomachs.

The Chefs that filled the hungry stomachs.

The chefs that filled the hungry stomachs.

Saying Goodbye

With a satisfied stomach, it was finally time to bid farewell to the children we have just become friends with. It was certainly an enjoyable time interacting with them as well as feasting with them.

The Cats gather to bid us goodbye

The cats gather in a group shot to bid us goodbye

Thank You

We would like to thank the volunteers from Touch Young Arrows and cafe crews that were off-duty as they sacrificed their precious Saturday morning to make this event a tremendous success.

Butter says Goodbye

Butter bids goodbye


Why children are allowed at The Cat Cafe.

In view of the recent reviews on children at The Cat Cafe, we would like to share our thoughts on why children are allowed at The Cat Cafe.

The incident that brought the these reviews to our attention happened on a crowded weekend. A bunch of playful children (age from 7 to 9) were too excitedly over cats that they seemed to be hunting cats down.

“When I arrived there, the poor cats were literally hunted down by a group of children” – Chen Weiling

What did these children actually did?

These children were crawling on the floor, moving a little quicker around the cafe and at occasion a few of them would surround the cat they like to pet.

What did these children not do?

They were not picking up cats, waking up cats, man handling or even torturing the cats.

What did these children really want to do?

These children really want to interact with cats, though their overly excited means might be wrong. A few of these children even have cats at home.

 How The Cat Cafe deal with these children?

Staff at The Cat Cafe firmly and repeatedly told these children not to do these actions that seemed to frighten the cats. When these children surrounded cats, we scattered them  as well. Apart from constantly watching the children behavior, the parents were also informed of their misbehaving kids.

What did the parents do?

Their parents lecture the kids for while, make sure they are obedient and went back to drinking coffee. Meanwhile, while their parents enjoyed the coffee the kids will sneakily misbehave.

What these children did after being lectured?

These children like any other children out there behave for 5 – 10 minutes before transforming back to their old self.

Why did The Cat Cafe not evict these children?

  1. The Cat Cafe reserve the right to evict patron that intentionally harm/mishandle/torture our cats.
  2. However, these children were not even close to harming the cats – at most they are scaring them due to their rapid actions.
  3. Children like cats need repetition to encourage the right actions. Evicting them would not allow them to learn the right actions. Likewise we do not abandon Patches (our more aggressive cat) away just because she is more aggressive.
  4. Children are our next generation, we need to teach them to love these cats so that in the future if they ever wish to own a cat they would adopt instead of buy due to negative stigma from young.

How did the cats react being ‘hunted’ by these children?

  1. Not all the cats are fearful of these children. A few of our brave cats totally ignored them.
  2. There was never a point in time where the cats hissed at the children as a result of fear.
  3. Most of the cats know that The Cat Cafe is their home and when they are tired of being irritated by children, they retreat to our 2.2 meters high cat bridges where most of us (shorter humans) can no longer reach them.

Will The Cat Cafe increase the age limit of children?

No we will not increase the age limit as we have seen properly behaving 6 years old kid and improperly behaving working adults. If we should evict folks, we would evict the adults first. We believe that any children that are able to attend primary one should be able to properly behave ~ didnt all of us learn to hold hands and walk 2 by 2 by that age.

What will The Cat Cafe do to ensure the well being of cats when there is children?

  1. Our staffs are just too friendly by nature, we will now be much more stricter with children
  2. The Cat Cafe will be working on education materials especially for children so that families can have a better time interacting with kids.
  3. We will strongly enforce adult supervision on children.

The Cat Cafe’s final thought on children 

The Cat Cafe mission is always to be more than just another cat cafe. We hope to transform the local community into one that appreciate and love cats more. Children only makes up a small proportion of our revenue as compared to working adults – they spend more time in the cafe and eat less food than adults. If we are really money minded we would simply raise the minimum  age limit. Children are our next generation, they will be the one deciding to adopt/buy/culled a cat 10 – 20 years later. If we do not educate these children when they are young and teachable we would miss the golden opportunity to transform Singapore into a more cat/pet loving society.

Hence, we will continue to take the tougher road and choose to educate children as opposed to barring them from The Cat Cafe. We hope that all can do our part in educating our next generation and not reach a point where authorities need to step in and set a minimal age limit on cat cafe operations.

child interacting with cat

Adopt an Adult Cat

A while back we blog about why you should adopt instead of buy.  We wish to challenge you a little further, to adopt an adult cat instead of kitten. We all know kittens are awesomely cute, but adults cats are really just as good or even better. Heres a comic strip on why adult cats are just as good. Credits: jemtoujours

Adopt An Older Cat

Adopt An Older Cat

adopt-3 adopt-4 adopt-5


Btw check out fruitcake – our oldest female @ The Cat Cafe. She is 8+ years old, loves to play and one of the most gentle cat in the cafe.

The Cat Cafe’s Forum

At The Cat Cafe, we strive to be more than just another cat cafe. We hope to impact the cat/pet community in Singapore in a positive way. We decided that an active discussion forum would serve Singapore’s pet community better – as a knowledge base as well as a gathering of like minded individuals. Hence we hope cat lovers, dog lovers, animals lovers out that will participate our forum – lets build an active pet community here.

So go ahead, post your questions on pet related issues, adoption issues, lost and found of pets, etc. The Cat Cafe would do our best to support this community.

Check out The Cat Cafe’s Forum

The Cat Cafe's Forum

The Cat Cafe’s Forum

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