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Espresso has found a permanent loving home

It is our greatest joy to announce that Espresso has found a permanent loving home. Espresso is the first cat adopted out from The Cat Cafe. Espresso, well know for his large size and gentle nature has made his currently family fell deeply in love for him. Over at The Cat Cafe we believe that all […]

Kong Toys in the House

Play time with cats is an important moment every single cat. Play time not only bonds your cat with you, it also allows cats to destress as they release their pent up energy. Play time for cats is perhaps the only way an indoor cat can “hunt” regularly. Over here at The Cat Cafe, we […]

What happens when 21 children meet 15 cats?

4th Oct 2014,The Cat Cafe decided to celebrate children’s day weekend by inviting children from Touch Young Arrows to a private party. This is the first time in our short history where the number of children exceeded the number of adults + cats. Getting Started The day started a little gloomy as it started raining early […]

Why children are allowed at The Cat Cafe.

In view of the recent reviews on children at The Cat Cafe, we would like to share our thoughts on why children are allowed at The Cat Cafe. The incident that brought the these reviews to our attention happened on a crowded weekend. A bunch of playful children (age from 7 to 9) were too excitedly over cats […]

Adopt an Adult Cat

A while back we blog about why you should adopt instead of buy.  We wish to challenge you a little further, to adopt an adult cat instead of kitten. We all know kittens are awesomely cute, but adults cats are really just as good or even better. Heres a comic strip on why adult cats […]

The Cat Cafe’s Forum

At The Cat Cafe, we strive to be more than just another cat cafe. We hope to impact the cat/pet community in Singapore in a positive way. We decided that an active discussion forum would serve Singapore’s pet community better – as a knowledge base as well as a gathering of like minded individuals. Hence we […]