Why The Cat Cafe has no time limit


The Cat Cafe is the first cat cafe in Singapore, that charges per entry instead of per hour. Yes, we do not limit your time on how long you wish to stay and here’s why:

  1. We want you to enjoy the experience of having coffee/meal with cats without the feeling of being rushed
  2. We dont wish to spot check you every few minutes to check your time.
  3. We want you to feel relax and that your pockets are fine even if you stayed a little longer.

However, there are some down side to per entry model:

  1. We cant take reservation – as we do not know how long a customer might stay.
  2. You tend to end up in a queue, if you come in during peak hour.

To make visiting The Cat Cafe a more enjoyable time for you, we suggest the following:

  1. Come during off peak hours – Weekdays morning/afternoon, Weekend mornings.
  2. Give us a call @ 63386815, to check if there’s a queue – if there is we can put down your name in the wait list. So that your wait is shorter =)
  3. Students, while we do allow you study, we hope that you wont come to The Cat Cafe to study during peak hours – so that more of us can enjoy the joy of cats.