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Kong Toys in the House

Play time with cats is an important moment every single cat. Play time not only bonds your cat with you, it also allows cats to destress as they release their pent up energy. Play time for cats is perhaps the only way an indoor cat can “hunt” regularly. Over here at The Cat Cafe, we are extremely picky over our cats’ toys as we have 15 cats that are setup to destroy every single toy we bought. Here’s our criteria for selecting a cat toy:

  1. It must be safe for cats – lets just say not all cat toys are made with safety in mind, there are many cat toys out there that could actually injure your cats
  2. It must be durable – with 15 cats, our not so durable toys last a day and most durable toys have last for months
  3. It must look awesomely cute – who doesnt like cute things ?
  4. It must be affordable – buying toys for 15 cats at 1 go can be a rather expensive affair.

We are glad to say that Kong toys has fitted the above criteria. Kong toys have been extremely well design for interactive play time with cats. Its toys is also one of the most durable toys compared. Take its Wubba Teaser for example, a similar teaser will probably snap in less than a week (in cafe uses with 15 cats and many customers), Wubba Teaser had lasted for over 3 months before finally giving in to the torture of our cats.


We have recently reloaded our Kong toys and Elly decide to check out the toys.

_DSC0254_DSC0247 (2)

The Wubba Teaser ($14) above is one of our favorite toys, it not only contain catnip, it also has a bell to attract a cat’s attention. The best part we loved about this toy – its elastic string is almost unbreakable when compared to other similar teasers.


This Kickeroo ($9) is less of an interactive toy, its main purposes is to allow cats to self-play. It is infused with catnip and is just large enough for a typical size cat to hug and kick into pleasure. Such toys allow cats to play with themselves even with their owners are not around.



This little toy – Cozie ($7)  above is cute enough even for humans to play. Again, it is infused with catnip that will send most of your cats crazy for quite a while.

Verdict for Kong Toys – we really love them for their safe design, cuteness, durability and affordability. If you ever need to try a Kong toy, head over to The Cat Cafe, test one and at the same time bring one home for your cats =3