The Cat Cafe

TheCatCafe is opening on 22 June

We are finally MEOWING on 22nd JUNE

After the much delayed renovation and various issues face in getting licenses, we are finally ready to fully open on 22nd June 2014. Our cats finally arrived to the cat cafe on 12 June and majority have gotten used to the environment and freely roams about their new home. If you find a few kitties running away from you, it just that they are still shy and haven gotten used to the human crowd yet.

Here’s the details you have been waiting for:

Official opening dates: 22 June 2014 – 10 am


  • $15 per entry (with a complementary soft drink)
  • Additional top-ups available to upgrade to choice of coffee, tea, juices, etc

Operating Hours

  • Monday: 3pm to 10pm
  • Tuesday – Sunday: 10am to 10pm.


  • We do not allow reservation as TheCatCafe works on a per entry model- would be a little hard for us to manage the supply and demand.
  • Reservation is only available for our Indiegogo funders that bought the various perks.

Here’s some sneak peaks to TheCatCafe