THE CAT CAFE, one of the newest concept cafes in Singapore, launches a crowd-funding campaign that aims to raise US$15,000 by 30 March 2014.

The unprecedented high renovation cost was the main reason that drives this crowd-funding campaign. Located at downtown Bugis in a 1,200 square feet shop house, TheCatCafe will be home to up to 20 kittens which consists of both stray and rescued cats.

Majority of the funds garnered from this campaign will be used for renovation and furnishing cost of the café. Of course, friends and well-wishers will get to enjoy various perks according to the amount they contribute. Perks range from an entry pass up to a two-hour private session for eight. More details can be found on: TheCatCafe Crowdfunding Campaign.

About TheCatCafe

Home to up to 20 cats, patrons get to enjoy freshly artisanal coffee, tea and various pastries amidst the warm company of our feline friends.

Brainchild of budding entrepreneurs and husband-wife duo Jefferson and Candice, TheCatCafe offers cat lovers an environment curated by quality coffee and indulge in the companionship of beautiful felines.

Our mission is to bring the joy and warmth of being an environment surrounded by cats to both cat lovers and those who have never felt the cosy presence of being around these furry friends. We work also towards having TheCatCafe as a place of adoption for stray cats in our country.

For further enquires, please check out or contact us at to chat.

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